The Wanted Man has you in his sights.

“From the first moment you began to sing, the audience, my staff and myself were enthralled and very impressed! The true testament to your performance was the standing ovation you received along with shouts of “encore” – this was a first for our room! We look forward to having you back to our showroom very soon. Thank-you.”

Allan Dedrick
Beverage & Entertainment Manager
Deerfoot Inn & Casino

“M. Soul and his Johnny Cash Tribute band WANTED MAN (French version) presented a perfect show in the Wodan Halle on January 28th 2011. From the load in and soundcheck to the final and 4th encore, everything was highly professional and optimally performed for maximum audience response which quickly ensued. In short everyone was happy: we the promoters, the audience and the musicians – the perfect live music night with great musicians producing optimal backing for the highly convincing singer/presenter Marcel.”

Ray Austin
Wodan Halle, Freiburg

“M. Soul mit seiner Johnny Cash Tribute Band WANTED MAN (französische Version) präsentierten am 28. Januar 2011 eine perfekte Show in der Wodan Halle Freiburg. Vom Soundcheck bis zur 4. und letzten Zugabe war alles hochprofessionell, unstressig und optimal kreiert, um eine maximale Publikumsresonanz zu erzielen, was auch prompt eintraf . Alle waren glücklich: wir als Veranstalter, das Publikum und natürlich auch die Musiker selbst. Eine perfekte Musik-Nacht mit herausragenden Musikern, die die optimale Begleitung für Marcel, den höchst überzeugenden Cash Interpret und Präsentierer lieferten.”

Ray Austin
Wodan Halle, Freiburg

Wanted Man front and center

“We purchased your CD and listen to it often. We find that the time that it gets us up and moving (dancing) is Saturday mornings. For myself, I wasn’t raised listening to Johnny Cash so I didn’t get into his music but after seeing the movie (I Walk the Line) it caught my attention and now I love it!! So, thank you for a little piece of it all. Your voice definitely sounds like his and you put on a real interesting program. I do hope you make your way back here because we’d be sure to go, providing we know you’re coming.”

Sincerely, Shelley Denis

Marcel strikes a pose

“Wow dude! Just gotta tell ya I love your web site. The MP3s are great. It takes me back to the back seat of the old ‘ 66 Pontiac with my mom and Silver. Silver loved Johnny Cash so it played, over and over, non-stop on the 8-track. I know those songs like the back of my hand even though it’s been 30 years since I heard them. To me you sound perfect and it can’t miss. Keep up the good fight.”


Marcel Soulodre as the Wanted Man

“J’ai eu la chance de voir ton spectacle vendredi; je suis allée avec mes parents. Mon père a surtout aimé ça; il faisait même du ‘air guitar”!! Ça lui rappelait sa jeunesse…on s’est bien amusé!”

Lise LaRochelle

Johnny Soulodre


        “Bravo Marcel! Well done. We liked that you weren’t doing a version of Johnny Cash but a salute to the music. It was a more tasteful take on his work.”

Lorraine & Ron Siemens


“I had an awesome time at your concert. I couldn’t get over how much you sounded like Johnny. It was like the real thing. I am still going on about it to everyone I know. Hopefully I will get to see your show again in the future. It was really nice to get to meet you and the band.”

Jessica Geere

“I just saw your Johnny Cash tribute, “Wanted Man: A Tribute to The Man in Black”, in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. It was a fabulous show! You are one talented man, as are the members of your band! Thank you. It rocked!”

Lana Sumner

“Saw you at the Capitol Theatre in Windsor. I took my father, as he’s always enjoyed the music of Johnny Cash. Just wanted to let you know that you gave a superb performance, and your band is excellent!”

Jana Allen

“WOW!!!!!!!!!! Were we impressed!!!
Your show was fabulous. We both commented how great a tribute it really is to Johnny Cash – not some cheesy “Look at me, I’m Elvis” kind of show. Your continuing bio was really enjoyable, and I felt like we were all just paying homage to the man.”

Roxanne Hooker

“Just wanted to send a short note to say how much my sons and I enjoyed your show. They were the two little boys who sat at the front, with whom you engaged in conversation. Theywere thrilled. Thanks for a fun evening.”

Joanne J. Hamill

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